A world without money


Today’s philosophers and thinkers see the dawn of a new age, that of the planetary age. For the first time, humanity is able to free itself from gravity, to view our planet from the outside and to sense its fragility. In addition, thanks to technical and scientific progress, today we would be able to enable all people on earth to live without need. There has not been something like that before. Humanity is ready for a great step towards a new quality of living together.

Strange things happen these days. Who would have thought some time ago that almost all eight billion people in the world suddenly walk around with mouth and nose protection as a matter of course.

Maybe other strange things also happen. For example, that all money in the world suddenly disappears. Would that be bad?

Try to dream once. What would happen? Everyone goes to work as usual, but they don’t get any money for it. In the evening he goes to the shop and gets what he needs for life free of charge because farmers, bakers and butchers, seamstresses, drivers and salespeople have also worked free of charge.

Just as we put our mouthcaps on now to protect ourselves and others, we will then fulfill our daily duties to feed ourselves and others. The behavior of everyone on earth during lockdown is proof that we have the necessary discipline. There is no longer any reason to doubt it.

Life could go on almost as usual, only speculation with money no longer exists, as nobody can make a profit with it. And there is no longer any poor or rich. Nobody has to be afraid of losing their job anymore, since everything they need is available free of charge. For everyone in the world.

Why is there actually a difference between getting paid for work and doing it voluntarily? Isn’t it more important that the job gets done than that it gets paid? Why is the time you spend with your children worth much less than the time you spend on the assembly line?

Why do we want to fight forever unsuccessfully against those to whom economic growth and abundance are more important than the livable future of their children and grandchildren? Money is to blame and our compulsion to keep increasing it – no matter what happens.

We humans have the opportunity to abolish money and put what is really important at the center of our lives.

The behavior of almost all of humanity during the Covid-19 lockdown has also shown what drastic and sudden changes we can handle with almost no problems.

Maybe some things will turn out badly, but there will be much more things that turn out good. Let’s just think of the disappearance of human and drug trafficking, dumping, usury with rent and stock market transactions in food. Probably even the wars will go away because nobody can make money with weapons anymore.

Why?         How?         What will happen?

Eberhard Licht

A world without money