What will happen?

Not much will happen at first, everything will continue as normal. The only difference is that there is no money. With the Covid-19 lockdown, humanity has proven that even major interventions in daily life can be mastered with a lot of discipline.

The whole of society will change. The limiting thought: „I’m not paid for this, so I don’t do it.“ will disappear from people’s minds.

The regulation of the supply, which is now carried out by the free market with all its disadvantages such as overproduction or the creation of artificial bottlenecks, is taken over by communication between all parties under the supervision of experts.

What is now being striven for with Industry 4.0 in order to make large competing companies more competitive will then be used for general communication with one another and for the benefit of all people.

Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly being run like real family businesses. The ownership structure is clear and simple and since there is no competitive pressure, the company management will be able to take care of the good working atmosphere even better. Your reward is recognition by your employees, the best reward.

Large and global companies will break up into smaller companies. People who lose their jobs as a result become active in civil society. Civil society will grow very rapidly as there is no longer any difference between paid and unpaid work. Everyone will find work there according to their abilities and inclinations.

It will be similar in agriculture. Since there is no competitive pressure and no incentive for management to get rich with money, the fields and stables will become smaller again. Over time, people’s mobility will return to a comfortable level. This will free up large agricultural areas for food production that are now needed for the production of biofuels.

In addition, a big and strong civil society will ensure that areas of the world that have been turned into deserts by human activities are reclaimed. It’s much easier than realizing plans to colonize the Moon or Mars.

There will be no expropriations in the transition to this moneyless society, since property that you don’t need will be given away by itself. An example: a wealthy person owns a large area of ​​land. If there is no more money, he/she still owns this land. Therefore it is no longer an object of value but becomes a burden that he will probably part with. He will only keep as much land as he can cultivate himself.

Achievement comes from gratitude and the joy of being able to do something for others. This gratitude will inspire people and replace the motor of fear for loose the work or greed for more wages. Aren’t we often more excited about giving a birthday present than we are about receiving it? It’s just a human trait. Just like to get everything for free.

Why?         How?         What will happen?

Eberhard Licht

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