The gap between rich and poor is widening. This is a well known and accepted fact.

This is mainly because our economics today is based on a teaching from the 18th century. From a time long before the French Revolution. Because the principles of Adam Smith’s teaching are still applied in politics and business today, this grotesque financial imbalance exists in the world.

Humanity is addicted, addicted to growth. The forests are burning, the poles and glaciers are melting, the seas are polluted with plastic. But still politicians shout „alarm“ when growth slows. If someone is so morbidly addicted, he must go into rehab. You have to withdraw the drug from him.

Therefore: Away with the drug „Money“!

You see, something has to be done and you wouldn’t mind doing it at all, but you tell yourself, „Why should I do this, others get paid for it“. That is „a perfectly normal reaction“.

Sit back for a moment and try to realize how grotesque this thought is. Because there is money, one rejects the obvious. And this absurd behavior runs through our entire lives.

Why?         How?         What will happen?

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